Our Services

GridZones is a full-service Managed IT Solutions Provider, offering:

Network Design and Consulting

With an extensive background in design and support of highly available services, our technical team can design and implement load balancing techniques; apply performance tuning; perform capacity planning; implement disaster recovery plans; and ensure your site is architected to perform at the highest level of availability.

Information Security Consulting

With certified security experts on staff, we are experienced with risk assessment, network and host security requirements, incident response management, policy and procedures definition, access and authentication control techniques, and many other aspects of information security.

Applications Architecture and Development

Through our extensive partner network, we can provide applications architectural and development expertise in areas such as J2EE custom middleware solutions, Service Oriented Architectures, hierarchical and object-oriented database systems, and open distributed systems. We have been utilizing open-source software and supporting Java based environments for many years.

Software Engineering Support

GridZones has extensive experience with software engineering practices, and in the development and management of systems for distributed collaboration and development. We have developed and maintain numerous portals, and associated tools used by client development teams, such as:

  • CVS and Subversion repository setup, configuration, and maintenance.
  • Virtual Machine based build and regression-test servers.
  • Web-based bug and issue tracking systems.
  • Member management databases, tools, and email-list servers.
  • Packaging and release management processes and procedures.

Experienced with the entire software release cycle, GridZones offers consulting services for small and medium businesses in implementing industry standard development practices and procedures.